The Balancer Report

For the week ending May 8th, 2021


TVL continued marching higher to a fresh all time high of $3.28B. LP’s collected $2.34M in fees on $812M of volume marking the third straight week of earnings above $2M.

Incentivized BAL Liquidity Mining

Yields were lower by around 3% compared to a week ago. ETH’s continued outperformance is draining yield from most other assets on balancer and that is the main factor in play here.

Balancer v2 Launch AMA’s

Two AMA’s are planned around the v2 launch:

  • Tuesday, May 11th at 7pm UTC on Twitter Spaces featuring Balancer Labs CEO Fernando, Coopahtroopa from FireEyes DAO, Ash Egan from Accomplice, Chris Burniske from Placeholder, and Stefan George from Gnosis.

  • Monday, May 17th at 5pm UTC held in the Balancer discord featuring CEO Fernando and Community Manager Marta using this link:



Two votes are live this weekend - add liquidity to BAL call options on UMA and BAL for Gas on Balancer v2. Remember to vote to maintain your govFactor!